How School Desks Are Now Being Made to Look Less Institutional

Ergonomic school desks can brighten classrooms while offering unmatched comfort

Ever since what seems like the beginning of time school desks have always been designed to look very institutional and, more often than not they make the classroom look rather uninviting to say the least. If this isn’t enough, standard school desks can be downright uncomfortable when you have to endure them for an entire school day. However, the old institutional looking tubular metal and wood furniture was considered revolutionary for its day and was considered to be innovative in design and comfortable to use.

Classroom Environmental Impact on Learning

Studies have shown that environmental factors can impede the learning process and reduce the attention-span of students who are forced to remain in a classroom environment that looks uninviting and uncomfortable. Not until recently was this issue being carefully considered since schools have been constructed with institutional looking environments for over a century. Even a decade ago no one thought about a link between classroom environments and how it affects student’s learning processes.

Well, the good news is that student school desk design has reached a respectable milestone thanks to new technology and student desks are now being manufactured to look less institutional and more comfortable. All of this is being accomplished without raising costs – exceptionally good news in a day and age where school budgets are being cut. Thanks to new technology the old style combination school desks are becoming a thing of the past and schools can start turning toward modernized yet functional school furniture.

Ergonomics and Rotomolding

One of the ways that school desks are being designed to look less institutional is through a process called rotomolding. This is a patented process that creates a highly functional and durable school desk that consists of one piece instead of several pieces welded and bolted together with unsightly screws that make the desk look institutional.

School desks that are made with rotomolding are also made with an ergonomical design that is comfortable for the student and provides posture support. Along with the ergonomical design these types of school desks are made in a variety of colors to dress up the classroom environment and the durability and cost is ideal for school budgets.

In addition to being designed with rotomolding in a variety of different colors, new ergonomic desks are also functional. They offer the ergonomic advantage while providing a great storage area, also with a place to hang a purse or a backpack. They are lightweight and easy to move which allows the classroom environment to be designed in a way that enhances the learning process.

Green Technology

To keep up with green technology, ergonomic desks are also being manufactured with 100 percent polyethylene which is recyclable, low maintenance and easy to clean by simply washing it with a warm water solution. This makes it a truly eco-friendly alternative for today’s classroom environments.

Student Size Considerations

Ergonomical desks are also being made to size specifications that match the student’s body measurements with the innovative desk design. This process transpired from an engineering study that was done to determine if the old institutional looking desks were compatible with the student’s body size. The study found that the old institutional style desks were not designed appropriately and were a contributing factor to decreased attention span and learning in the classroom.

In tests when compared to the institutional-looking desks made of metal and wood, the ergonomic desk showed resistance to corrosion and recovery from impact where the old style desks suffered deformations and other damage. New ergonomically styled school desks also demonstrated superior resistance to climate conditions and normal daily classroom wear and tear where the older institutional-style desks became susceptible to weakness.

Maintenance tests proved that the ergonomic desk did not require any upkeep when compared to the old style school desk that requires ongoing maintenance due to wood that weakens with temperature and metal parts that are susceptible to corrosion.

Modern Design

The new ergonomic desks give classrooms a fun look that motivates students to want to learn while providing modern colors and availability for left and right handed students. This type of school desk is also suitable for students with physical disabilities because they are easy to sit in and easy to get out of.

Today’s students have things much better than the students in school districts several decades ago. New studies and discoveries have helped to provide an environment for today’s student which is safer and conducive to learning. The future school desks will most likely continue to evolve as the use of technology in schools increases and perhaps the desktops will eventually accommodate computer technology and other gadgets.

Meanwhile, the ergonomic school desk represents a significant milestone in the school desk manufacturing industry. School desks such as the Durable Desk provide a modern design that brightens the classroom while offering unmatched comfort and the ergonomic advantage for learning at a very low cost.

The Durable Desk is an affordably-priced, durable and functional elementary-school desk that is also ergonomic and recyclable. Its award-winning design gives the school classrooms the fun look that children love while providing unmatched comfort and ergonomic advantage for children at a very low cost.

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