Why Ergonomic Desks Are More Durable When Manufactured With Rotomolding

Why Durability in the Educational System is Important in Today’s Economy

Ergonomic desks are changing the face of the school desk industry with an innovative new design that provides greater comfort than the old conventional style school desks while being extremely durable and long lasting. Ergonomic desks are designed with the student’s comfort in mind and provide better posture support than the older school desks. The modern style of the ergonomic desk is available in a variety of colors that brighten any classroom environment.

In addition to being extremely functional, the new ergonomic school desks are very durable because they are manufactured with a special technology called rotomolding or rotational molding. Rotomolding is a process of manufacturing plastic for products that are designed for today’s environment and marketplace.

How Rotomolding Works

Rotomolding is a high technology plastics process that makes products such as ergonomic school desks very strong and very durable. By using the rotomolding process the products will last twice as long as the same conventional products made from metal or wood. As a result, companies are taking conventional products and giving them a makeover with the new rotomolding process.

The typical rotomolding process works with a polymer which is a type of plastic that originates in the form of a powder substance. The powder is poured into a mold and then motorized arms rotate the powder and spin it inside an oven. When the polymer powder becomes fully melted the mold is removed from the oven to enter the cooling process. During the cooling process the polymer solidifies and contracts which cause it to detach from the wall of the mold. When the product is removed from the mold it has inherent strength and is extremely durable.

Benefits of Rotomolding

Rotomolding has many benefits many of which include:

• Unified Thickness: Due to the rotomolding process described above, the end result is an even thickness of the walls of the product which is what gives the school desk extreme strength. This also creates exceptional load bearing properties by creating stress free corners and parts. https://www.todaysnewsdesk.com/

• Economical Manufacturing: The rotomolding process costs much less to manufacture than other conventional products which means the savings can be passed on to educational institutions. https://www.theconnectreport.com/

• Fast Manufacturing: The rotomolding process takes less time to manufacture which makes product launch on the market easier and faster. It also makes ongoing product production more efficient when filling customized orders.

• Fewer Parts: Because the rotomolding process produces a one-piece school desk this eliminates the expense of multiple parts such as screws and welded metal parts that eventually weaken with normal wear and tear on the product.

• Seamless: Since the school desk is molded into one piece there are no seams and the product can be specially designed to be completely solid or with openings to provide storage space without sacrificing strength.

Rotomolding has many more benefits that include lower cost and producing a product that is long lasting and usually backed with an extended warranty. Additionally, products that are manufactured with the rotomolding process are fully functional and attractive.

Durability and Today’s Economy

Producing a school desk that is fully functional and fashionable and lasts a long time is a real plus in today’s economy. With school budget cuts becoming the norm school districts are tightening their belts to try and make ends meet. Everywhere in the news you read about the government cutting aid to schools forcing schools to find new ways of cutting costs.

A school desk such as the ergonomic desk made with rotomolding is ideal for schools that need to replace furniture and are on a tight budget. Not only is the cost of ergonomic desks economical but they last a long time and require no maintenance. Ergonomic desks are also backed with a warranty for as long as ten years. If the product does not stand up to normal classroom wear and tear the company will replace the school desk at no cost to the school district.

In today’s economy, if you invest in a rotomolding product that is durable and economical you will not have any maintenance costs, repair costs, or replacement costs for a very long time. During the time you have a school desk made with rotomolding you could spend a lot of money repairing, maintaining, or replacing the older school desks that were manufactured with multiple parts that include screws and welded metal. These types of school desks require ongoing maintenance since they weaken over time with normal classroom wear and tear.

If you are a school district looking to replace school desks and use the budget money wisely, it makes only makes sense to consider purchasing school desks that are manufactured with rotomolding. What’s more is you will also be increasing learning in the classroom because the students will be more comfortable while sprucing up the classroom environment at the same time.

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